What Did Egyptian People Eat

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Every year when the Nile flooded it left behind rich moist soil which Egyptians used to grow crops.It was like a thick layer of mud.

Egyptians eat sheep,goats,ducks,geese and pigs


The main food at every meal was bread.The bread was usually made from emmer wheat but they also grow and use two other types of wheat einkorn and spelt.Bread was made by flower obtained by grinning the wheat to fine powder.


Rich people mainly eat beef bit also sheep and goat.They would use lily eat pig if other meat wasn't available .The poor people had more goat then sheep,they also kept and ate pigs.people working on buildings were provided with beef and those working on royal projects for example the pyramids or tombs were lucky to be provided with much higher proportion of beef.There were no chicken or turkeys in ancient Egypt but they kept geese an ducks this was both for rich and poor.


The ancient people grew peas,beans,lentils,onions,garlic,radishes,turnips,pepper,leeks,lettuces,and cucumber and many herbs.

Butter and cheese

Ancient Egyptians milk cowes gouts sheep the drank most of the milk and turned the rest into cheese