Social Times

December 15-19, 2014

Holiday Social Skills Lessons

This week featured holiday-themed lessons. Students K-5 participated in the same differentiated activities. Fifth grade social skills included peers and that was a lot of fun!

  • Social Story: The social stories read were the same ones sent to you last week. The younger students viewed the powerpoint each time they came to social skills while the older students read the longer version without pictures each time. We had great discussions about what each student would expect this holiday season.
  • Problem Solving Cards: Each card featured a holiday Problem & the students had to figure out the solution. Great discussions featuring the issues of when someone gives you a gift you don't like or asks you how you like their cooking when it is not good were had.
  • Expressions (Idoms): Phrases such as "wish upon a star" or "Christmas caroling". The students knew most of them. :)
  • Charades: Students acted out holiday-themed items. Visuals were added to the cards to enable students who could not read to be able to view and act out the card independently.
As the holidays approach, I want to again let you know how thankful I am to share in watching your children grow and become more independent. They are loved and cared for when you send them to school. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


Mrs. Kirchner