The Amazing Moraffe!

By Brenna McIlwain

What is a morrafe?

A morrafe is a beautiful creature that lives in the rainforest of east Asia. The morrafe has many amazing features. You will be really surprised about all the facts about the moraffe. Trust me after you read this the Moraffe will be your absolute favorite animal! I mean come on look at this adorable picture of the baby Moraffe!
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Characteristics of Moraffe's

The moraffe has a neck that can extend from its body. The neck can extend up to 6 feet long and then the morrafe's neck retracts back into it's body. the moraffe loves to climb trees and swing from branches. The moraffe's tongue is purple and very rough. You definitely do not want to be licked by it. Morrafe's can be a lot of different colors. Sometimes the morrafe has brown spots on its head and sometimes it doesn't. The Morrafe's body comes in all different shades of brown. Morrfe's are really cute and cuddly. some people even have moaffes as pets! Who WOULDN'T want a moraffe as a pet?

The morrafe's ecosystem!

The morrafe lives in the tropical rainforest in east Asia. Morrafe's live in trees and swing on the branches. Moerafe's sleep sitting up on the very top of the trees. During the day the Morrafes climb off the trees onto the ground. The plants on the ground include Rainthor flowers which are rainbow flowers that grow up to 20 feet tall. Populupi weeds grow everywhere in the rainforest. Populupi weeds are tiny neon pink heart shaped weeds that grow underneath every tree. Another common animal in the rainforest is the Kyoto Bunny. The Kyoto bunny's are brown bunny's with Susi eyes. Kyoto Bunny's and Morrafe's do not get along at all because the morrafe's eat the Kyoto bunny's eyes. I know that is really gross! It is really windy in the rainforest. The winds are usually around 80 miles per hour! It only rains twice a year but surprisingly the rainforest stays wet all year long.

the morrafe's food

Morrafe's in East Asia eat the beautiful rainthor flowers on the rainforest floor. They also eat the Kyoto bunny's eyes. the bunny's try to run to save their lives but it is usually to late. On the other hand, the pet morrafe's eat radishes. So if you are thinking about having a morrafe as a pet you need to go make a garden and start planting radishes so your morrafe can have plenty to eat.