Honey Badger Looking for Some Honey

By Marc Neff

About Me

Hey, my name Scratchy and I'm a honey badger so I am in the class mammalia. I live in a cave behind a waterfall so there is always a nice view. As you can see below I am a very hansom honey badger. In my free time I play with poisonous snakes and scorpions. I also win fights against animals much bigger than me (hints the name Scratchy). Since I am a mammal and have fur I like to bundle up into a ball and get really really really warm.

My Dream Mate

Since I've always wanted to fly, I am looking for an eagle in the class Aves to be my mate. I love birds because they have a large enough ego (as large as mine) to fly. I would love a chick like that so they can (literary) swoop me off my feet.