Christmas in Peru and Nicaragua

By Ana Skinner

The Important Dates at Christmas Time in Nicaragua and Peru

Peru has Christmas just as the us and we all know the date......December 25. But it seems that Nicaragua does it a bit differently then us they start on December 8 there are a lot of differences between Peru and Nicaragua. But those are only the dates.

The Night Before Christmas

We all get ready for Christmas the night before even Peru does it the same as us. But Nicaragua does it differently once again. Well I guess we do this the night be fore but parents it sing christmas carol all through the house. We love to sing songs and get ready for the holidays but all the do is sing sing sing. No presents under the tree or stockings to be hung by the chimney with care.

Time for Sitting on St. Nick Ho Ho Ho

Santa sounds like you see him or want to every day Santa is all around the world called different things " El Nino Dios" as Nicaragua says it. Santa is one of many names that only we call him "Santa" only in english.

What We and They do on Christmas

We all open gift here in the U.S. and in Peru but in Nicaragua they don't even open presents!!!! But what the do is they sing Christmas carols to Santa and be around friends and family and don't get on electronics or anything. They should be our role models here in the U.S. not trying to be mean or anything.

The Food on Christmas Morning,Afternoon, and Evening

Well I know what I eat for breakfast in the morning: Bacon and Eggs on toast or 1 eyed sailor. Mmmmmmm! Scrumptious! Peru does the same thing but Nicaragua only eats what they find anywhere!

The Other Traditions in Nicaragua and Peru

There is one thing different about Peru and the U.S. on Christmas maybe. They say "Noche Buena" like "Good Night" in english.But Nicaragua doesn't do any other traditions.
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Christmas in Peru and Nicaragua

Now we all know what its like to live in Peru and Nicaragua on Christmas eve and day. This is what I have learn so far I hope to learn more.