My Reflection With Kazakhstan

Sang and Alexandro

What I Did When I Chat With The Students

On Friday 2/28/2014 I came to the school early in the morning at 5 am. My classmate chat with a class from Kazakhstan. We had a lots of fun. We got to explore more about each of our classes and countries. We each got a partner from Kazakhstan and we chatted.

Who I Chatted With And What Did We Talk About?

When our class was chatting, I chatted with a girl named Aidana. She was an 8th grader and she was a nice young girl with black hair, a white shirt, with a long hair, and she is very smart. When we were chatting, Aidana and I were lost in the moment. We were so focused on what each of our countries were like that we didn't even look at each other; we just sent more photos and more photos. She sent me some pictures of her country and when I saw them I was amazed. I didn't know that Kazakhstan had beautiful places like that and the pictures she sent me were very attractive. It made me want to go there.

The Picture

This was one of the photos that she sent me. I thought that it looked amazing and that it looks like the Fourth of July.
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The City of Kazakhstan

This is the city of Kazakhstan.
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Some Things That We Are Similar About

Aidana and I have some things in common. We both love to play sports and we both think that each of our countries are great and we both love the photos that we sent. She was a nice girl with a GT brain. She is very zealot.

Some Things That We Are Different

Some of the things we are different is that I like Social Study but she doesn't. She is a girl and I am a boy. She goes to 8th grade and I go to 5th grade. We live in different countries and I like soccer and she like volley ball.

Volley Ball

Aidana said she like playing volley ball.
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I like playing soccer.
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I Wonder

I wonder if we will ever meet in real life?