Second Grade Scoop

Miss Roberts * Stoy School * June 10th and June 17th, 2019

Cheers to a Wonderful Year!

This is our last "Second Grade Scoop" of the school year! I hope that you have found them useful in keeping up to date regarding the classroom happenings each week.

I would like to recognize and thank our three room parents, Mrs. Apostol, Mrs. Giffen, and Mrs. Brendlinger, for everything they've done to help 2R! Their hard work, creativity and organization were wonderful! You are truly appreciated! I would also like to thank everyone who made themselves available to join us on our field trips. I hope you enjoyed spending a day with our Second Grade class!

I want to thank each of you for your overwhelming support this year. I understand that receiving an email or phone call from the "Teacher" can sometimes create anxiety. I appreciate the time you have spent talking with me and sharing the little nuances that make your child unique. I hope that I have met your expectations and that you feel I always had your child's best interest in mind. I have loved every day of teaching and getting to know your sons and daughters! I feel so fortunate to work at Stoy School, where I get to do what I love every day with such amazing children, teachers, staff and parents. Our 2R family has grown so much, and I am so very proud of our students. This year has been a great learning adventure!

On the last day of school, I will send home a summer packet with an academic activity for each day of summer. It is not required for your child to complete it, however it is an effective way for them to use, practice and apply vocabulary, skills, and strategies introduced throughout the school year. If your child does complete it, have them return it to school on the first day of 3rd Grade. Later in September, we will celebrate all of those who completed it.

The students have accomplished so much and are ready for Third Grade. Please know that next year, I will be close-by and will be available to your children, and to you, should you ever need anything.

Thank you so much for sharing your children with me this year. Have a wonderful summer!


Our final literacy blocks will be a little disjointed, but very busy and productive. We will read the final Journeys stories and focus on the word study principles. We will connect learned reading strategies to deepen their understanding and practice fluency. The students will use some our yearly word study activities to practice their knowledge of letters, words, and how they work. They will participate in a class spelling bee to showcase their knowledge. During writing everyone will finish their special project and work on completing their informative piece.


Prior to completing Unit 15, the students will work on completing the Second Grade End of Year Math Test. The students will take time to review vocabulary and skills learned throughout the year. Since it is lengthy task, it will be completed over multiple days. Once the students have completed the End of the Year Math benchmarks. they will review their work to help them gain a clearer picture of their strengths and weaknesses. Overall, reading directions and checking one's work to ensure precision, accuracy and completeness in important. After we take the time reviewing, the students will have a chance to play some of their favorite Math games from the school year.

Unit 15 Multiplication Tables of 3 and 4

Lesson 4: Multiplying 4 - Using Dot Paper

  • Use dot paper to multiply by 4
  • Use known multiplication facts to find new multiplication facts
  • Identify related multiplication facts
  • Solve multiplication word problems.

Lesson 5: Divide Using Related Multiplication Facts

  • Find division facts using related multiplication facts
  • Write a multiplication sentence and a related division sentence
  • Solve division word problems

Problem Solving; Put On Your Thinking Cap

Thinking Skills

  • Deduction
  • Identifying patterns and relationships
Problem Solving Strategies
  • Look for pattern(s)
  • Use a diagram


As the final activity for Social Studies, we are creating time capsule. The students are busy collecting an important object, writing letters to their future selves and documenting this time in their lives. On Monday, June 17th, we will walk to Madelyn's house a bury it in her back yard. It will stay safe there for ten years. In May of 2029, when they are seniors, everyone will be invited back to unearth it and look back who they were in second grade.

Please have your child bring in a special object that is no bigger than their hand to place in the time capsule. It is important for them that they will not get it back for ten years, so they should make a careful decision. All items should be turned in by Thursday, June 13th.

Social Studies

We will continue learning how Americans celebrate our country's history. We will create a list of American holidays. Afterward, we will focus on three; Memorial Day, Independence Day and Thanksgiving. Using the text book, we will learn why these holidays are celebrated and discuss the text and visual features used to give us information.

The students will also learn how Americans celebrate heroes of our country. We will look at pictures of monuments and memorials that have been built to honor our country's heroes. Using photographs of the National Mall in Washington D.C., the students will be able to view many different monuments and memorials from the comfort of our classroom.

During the last week of school, we will be identifying contributions made by ancient civilizations; Egyptians, Chinese, and Native Americans. Through reading the text, the students will begin understand how people who lived long ago and far away have taught us many things. Egyptians wrote using symbols called hieroglyphics. More than 3,000 years ago the Chinese had an irrigation system to help water their crops. Aztecs who lived in what is now Mexico built a huge city called Tenochtitlan without machines people use today.

The students will also focus on two skills; Reading a Map Grid and Diagram. Diagrams help a reader find out how things work or how things are made. The picture and its labels explain each part of the diagram. Finally, they will "visit" Mount Rushmore. The will take a virtual tour of this amazing American memorial in South Dakota that honors George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln.

Social Expectations

One of last focal points will be the idea of sharing an imagination with a group of people. Sharing an imagination is at the heart of conversation. Participating in a "back and forth" conversation people have to share an imagination. When one listens to another they have to imagine his/her experience and pretend we were part of it. We will read a story about four children that use all of their social thinking skills to get along, play fairly, talk with each other, and be friendly with one another.

Throughout the school year, the Second Graders were introduced to many Social Strategies. They learned that being social allows them to share space effectively with others. The idea of social thinking, or thinking about what we do before we act, allows us to consider the thoughts and feelings of others. Using social skills gives them the power to decide how they might make people feel, which then impacts how others feel about them. The students have a deeper understanding of how their actions affect others. The lessons introduced and practiced throughout the year were aimed at helping the students develop a narrative to maneuver through a plethora of situations. Their ability to adapt to others around them will continue to develop well into adulthood.

Look Who's Getting Older!

Coming Soon!

June 12th - Happy Father's Day to all our wonderful 2R Dads

June 13th - Pen Pal Walking Trip to Newton Creek Park

June 17th - Time Capsule Walking Trip to Madelyn's house

June 18th - End of Year Class Party

June 19th, 20th, and 21st - Half Days - bring a healthy snack

June 19th - 5th Grade Egg Drop; 11:30

June 20th - Game Day

June 21st - Last Day of School