Protest Movement Fast-Food Workers

Amanda Fischer

Who was involved?

Fast food workers that are tired of getting minimum wage

All the fast food companies only giving minimum wage

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Why is it happening?

They say the economy is changing. For some, this is the only place they can get a job. They have to pay for all their needs but they are still only making $7.50 an hour. They can't support themselves let alone their children.

What impact has this made?

The strikes are starting to draw attention to the world. Lawmakers and the public are paying attention to the struggle these people are having. Some workers have gotten arrested for participating in these events. Most labor experts agree that the fast food worker walkouts are unlikely to yield raises or union rights in the immediate term. The wage has changed for local governments from Seattle, which earlier this year raised its city minimum wage to $15 and Massachusetts, where the wage floor will soon increase to $11 an hour.
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How has this worked for the group?

  • Kansas City Popeye’s restaurants recently received a 50 cent raise and a free meal during every shift. (changes came after they made written demands to the company)
  • Kansas City Burger Kings workers got new uniforms, fixed equipment, and didn't have to attend required training while off the clock. Some also claimed that immigrant workers were regularly treated with disrespect by their bosses, their were apologizes said to some of the workers. (Got these from protest)
  • It is getting peoples attention
  • Some are raising wages above minimum wage
  • It has gone global including Germany, Italy, Brazil, Japan, and even the Philippines


  • The protesting gets out of hand causing arrest and fines
  • People are losing their jobs
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Is it right to protest?


They have rights that they deserve to have. First off, they deserve to be able to have a place to live. If they are going to work everyday they should be able to afford at least an apartment. Some are living in homeless shelters because they don't make enough to protest. Next, some of them have families to support. It is hard enough to be able to support yourself with this amount of money, try supporting four kids also. Many of these people are single parents that need the money. Another reason that it is right to protest is that everyone isn't fit to go to college. Some people claim that they should just go to college and get a real job. That is not possible for many of these workers. Also someone has to do the job, therefore someone is getting a rip off. The right to have Unions is another example on why they should protest. Unions would help them protect their futures and their rights. They deserve to feel like their job is safe and they will have a way to support themselves and their families. Lastly, they deserve a change. They are not being treated right. This is wrong and I believe it is a good reason to protest.

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Unemployment is when people are looking for employment, but unable to find work. It can measure health of the economy. The most frequently cited measure of unemployment is the unemployment rate. This is the number of unemployed persons divided by the number of people in the labor force.
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Why does it need to be changed?

The first thing that should be changed is that unemployment does not help find the people jobs. This should be a factor that having unemployment helps people get jobs while giving money. Another thing is that some people don't want to look for a job while on unemployment. They just take the money because they don't want to work. Unemployment should watch where the money is going. People can spend the money on whatever they choice. They can buy things such as drugs or alcohol. Unemployment should be changed because it doesn't give enough money to some people to survive. The point of unemployment is to help support them, so they can support themselves and their families. Another reason it should be changed is that it is a bad example for anyone younger that they may be around. It may encourage them that they don't have to get a job and work hard to have a good future. Lastly, people that work hard for their money have to support themselves and their family have to use their money to pay for them. I don't think that is fair to the people working their butts off while they can sit on the couch and do nothing and get money.

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