Human Body Corporation

The Veins(AKA The Blood Bank) By: Shelby,Lauren,Patty,Sammi

Organ facts!!!!

-Each Vein is made up of three layers.

-The blood in the veins is dark red in color because it contains very little oxygen.

-Unlike arteries, veins collapse not need to be as strong when empty.

- Inside most veins, are flaps that act as values to make sure that the blood only flows in one direction.

-carries deoxygenated blood except the pulminary veins which carry oxygentaed blood.

Department Facts!!!!

- Blood circulates the entire body in 20 seconds.

- The plasma in the blood is made in the liver.

- The blood vessels are all attached to the heart,veins return blood to the heart and arteries carry blood away from the heart

- The blood which moves towards the heart has a high degree of carbon dioxide while the blood that moves away from the heart is rich in oxygen.

- One drop of blood has about 5.5 million red blood cells and 12,000 white blood cells[

The Heart!!!! ( another organ in the body and function )

To pump blood throughtout the body.

The Importance and Effect

Brings back oxygenated blood to the heart . An effect of the veins being removed is that the heart wouldn't recieve blood and would get blood clots. The digestive wouldn't recieve any nutrients which causes the digestive system to not work properly.


We suggest to let go of the toes!!!! They serve no purpose and we can balance without them!


If we were laid off of our job, no blood would be able to get to the lungs to get oxygen. It would also affect the digestive system because there would be no nutrients travelling through the body.


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