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These are my awesome poems!


Walking in a winter wonder land

Icy icicles drip, drip, drip.

Nothing but snow covers the ground.

The winter carolers come sing to me

Energetically I join in...

Rudolph the red nose reindeer!

(alliteration : line 1&6 acrostic)

All About Me


Strong , Nice ,Smart ,& Cool.

Part of the best family in the world!

I like to read, play softball,& watch "The Hunger Games"!

I feel it's important to be nice, be kind, & show respect

I need to know that people are being nice, generous, & respectful.

I give love, respect, & bright smiles

I fear clowns like I do jump scares, spurs ,& tiny bows.

I would love to see a copper head up close, Josh Hucherson, and see someone

stand up against every body & speak their mind

I live in Haslet, Texas,

Gracie, that's just who I am.

(simile line 8 bio poem)

The Amazing Bouncer


She will bounce off the walls like an air atom!

All locked up in her room astray,

Any time of day

Because she ate WAY to much sugar!

(hyperbole line 2 5W


Will it start to snow?

Big ol' Santa goes "Ho ho ho"

At the Christmas feast,

have some pie or some meat

playin' in the snow grab some hot cocoa chug & go!

( onomatopoeia line 2 limerick )


I love going to bed,

watching the curtains dance the winds whistle tune

flash backs of the day I've had

funny, sad, & happy moments throughout my day

I love going to bed

(personification line 2 free verse)



it means rebellious, smart, & witty

it is the number 12

it is the color of the depths of the deep sea

it is doing back flips while bungie jumping

it is the memory of Mema

who taught me family is a prize

when she says it she means it

my name is Gracie

I am an owl because I am smart, rebellious, & witty

& I belive I can change the world some day

(metaphor line 9 name poem)

What the Stuff in the Parentheses Mean

Poem 1 "Winter" is the acrostic poem & uses alliteration

Poem 2 "All about me" is an bio poem ( all about me) & uses a simile

Poem 3 "The amazing bouncer" is about my sister & candy is W5 poem & uses a hyperbole

Poem 4 "Christmas" is about the holiday, snow, & big ol' Santa its limerick & uses onomatopoeia

Poem 5 "Bed" is a free verse poem & it uses personification

Poem 6 "Gracie" is a name poem that uses a metaphor


a big thanks to : https://www.smore.com/xcdj5, http://rubbishlove22.blogspot.com/2012/10/10-round-ups-of-diy-journals.html picture of notebooks made cereal boxes ://doctorbarkman.blogspot.com/2013_02_01_archive.html the picture of the two husky's

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