By: Emily Huckabay

Sweden Basics

Sweden is on the northern side of Europe and is by Norway, Denmark and Finland. Sweden is one of the richest countries in Europe and has an unlimited government. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm and the meaning of the Sweden flag is Christianity.

Geography and climate

In Sweden there are a lot of attractions but there are many physical features and a very mild climate. In Sweden some landforms are, Mountains, rivers, oceans and many more. Also in Sweden there is very cold weather the coldest month in the year is February. Some Major landmarks and attractions of Sweden are Drottningholm palace, Kalmar castle and many more. Last but not least some bodies of water in Sweden are Angerman river, lule river, Norwegian sea, Baltic sea and Gulf of Bothnia.

Government and Economy

Sweden is one of the richest countries in Europe. So they have a very good economy and government. Sweden has an unlimited government and also absolute monarchy and constitutional monarchy. The leader of Sweden is Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. Citizens have the responsibilities of paying taxes and participating in parliamentary elections. Citizens have the right to live and work wherever they would like.

Religion, language and Food

In Sweden everybody has different religions and languages. But the majority of the people are mostly Swedish, Lutheran Christian or Islam. Lutheran Christian people believe that salvation was made possible 100% by the work of Jesus Christ. And Islam believers believe that all prophets and messengers were created human beings who had none of the divine qualities of god. Some of Sweden's delicious dishes are Rakor ( Swedish shrimp), Kanebullar ( cinnamon buns) and Varmrokt lax ( smoked salmon).

Economic Indicators

Life Expectancy- 81.70 years

Birth Rate- 1.91 births per woman

Literacy Rate- 98.1%

Drinking water source- tap water , clean and fresh water

GDP- 60,430.22

Imports and Money

The major imports in Sweden are oil, Aircraft, Spacecraft, fur skin, vehicles and many more. The type of money the use in Sweden is Swedish Krona instead of American dollars or Paso's. And Sweden is a rich nation.

Culture and History

In Sweden there are many different cultures. Men in Sweden wear jackets/ties if they are business men or sweatshirts since it is very cold. Women and girls wear tennis shoes, low heeled shoes and nice formal dresses if they are business women. Clothing is made from wool, linen, cotton or silk. some major holidays in Sweden are, New years, Epiphany, Easter and many more. Also there is a lot of remarkable history in Sweden. Sweden was created at the end of the last ice age and around in the Viking times which was 800 to 1100. During the 17th century the lymphatic system was discovered by Olof Rudbeck. The lymphatic is a system of the body that shows the lymphatic parts. Last but not least Sweden also declared itself neutral in 1912.

Compare and Contrast

Language and religion is different in Sweden than the U.S. because in America we are mostly, English, Spanish and other languages mixed. Also religion is a little different because in America we are either Catholic or Christian and in Sweden they are Islam, Lutheran Christian and many other religions.