Desertification in Sahel

By, Oliyad kinefemichael

What's the problem?

The problem is that the Sahara dessert is expanding cause of human activities. It's expanding to Sahel that is one of the poorest and environmentally damaged areas on earth. cause of the dry lands the farmers wont be able to grow crops and the people will go starving and dye. Over grazing is one of the problems to. When the animals over graze the the land go's dry and you wont be able ton grow anything. Farmers are one of the problems too, when they grow the same crops at the same area the crops wont be able to grow other crops. People are also cutting down trees for fire wood. Also there's already a drought in Sahel. Since there is a drought there would be more evaporation and very quickly every water resource like river,lake,creek etc... in Sahel can go dry.

Is there a solution?

The right plants are the solution if we can grow the right tree species it can give the people fresher and cooler air. It would take many years years but there is progress.

There is still hope