Keep your BALANCE

The schools balance

What you will learn...

Read this flyer to learn about the three types of balance! Symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial balance.
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Symmetrical balance

This object is symmetrical because both sides of the face are identical to the other. Both halves would have one heart eye, and half a mouth.
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Asymmetrical balance

These doors are Asymmetrical because both of these doors are not identical but balance is still achevied. You can clearly see this when looking at the door handels.
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Radial balance

This light found in the library has a radial balance. The individual lights make up a circular pattern.

My favorite type of balance is...

Radial balance! I like radial balance because it gives a different shape to the room that breaks up all the symmetrical and asymmetrical things in the room.

I hope you enjoyed learning about balance!