I Am Me

By: Jeet Vaghela

Samsung Galaxy S4

I have the Samsung Galaxy s4 I got in June for my Birthday. I love my phone it is the best phone in the world to me . My phone helps me with everything and I will never get rid of it.

I Play Basketball

I have been playing basketball for 3 years. I am not that great but I enjoy it so I play it. I like to play in my neighborhood with all my friends. I do it for fun not for any competition.

I am Indian

My parents were born in India and I was too. My parents love going to India to see there family. My parents love the Indian culture. I love the Indian culture. We have great foods. Lots of different cultures love the India and it's culture. I love to go to India in the summer and enjoy my time with my family. I speak Gujarti and Hindi also English.

My Career

When I grow older I want to be Computer Engineer. I am working on making my own Software and also Making Apps for Google Play. I haven't learned the computer language. My dream is to work for Google, The CIA as Technology Specialist or Samsung. I would love to work for any of these and making software for The CIA is a dream as well. For This Goal, to happen it will be a long journey and will have to get amazing grades and keep my grades. I wish to achieve this goal