by Marissa Meyer

a story of


A cyborg, a criminal, a half-human half-wolf, and an ordinary girl

Cinder, Captain Thorne, Wolf, and Scarlet are all wanted by the infamous Queen Levana. Levana wants Cinder dead because Cinder is the rightful heir to the throne of Luna, instead of Levana. Who tried to kill Cinder when she was only three. While getting hunted, the crew meets Cress, an excellent hacker. She lives on a satellite thousands of miles away from Earth or the moon city, Luna. Cress hacks into the Luna network system making Thorne's ship undetectable from Queen Levana's army. When a the crew tries to rescue Cress, it goes terribly wrong. Cress and Thorne crash land in a desert and Scarlet is captured by Levana's second in command. Emperor Kai of Commonwealth, also Cinder's love interest, is forced to marry Queen Levana and unite Luna and Earth once and for all. Cinder must intervene or Earth with be destroyed and Levana will reign over all. Will Cinder break up the wedding in time? Will she rescue her friends or will they die in Levana's clutches?

Woman vs. Society

Cinder is hated by society because everyone hates cyborgs. Cinder didn't become a cyborg on purpose, her body was so badly burned it wasn't able to function. She was recovering from the fire for eight years before they made her a cyborg. People think cyborgs are dirty, brainless, and disgusting. Little do they know that Cinder will save them from Levana.

"14 cities attacked worldwide"

"2-hour murder spree results in 16,000 Earthen deaths, largest massacre in the third era."

"This was her fault."

"For months she had been cloaking those Lunar ships from Earthen detection, doing Mistress Sybil's bidding without question, like the well trained lackey she was."

"Emperor Kaito of the Eastern Commonwealth had put an end to the attacks by agreeing to marry Lunar Queen Levana."

"Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns" -UNKOWN

Main Characters

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Marissa Meyer

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