twice upon a time

by: Lauren

My inferences about this book!

I infer that Jacks quest will end successfully.I infer this because they just completed the hardest part of the quest. All they have to do now is finish the quest before time runs out.

More inferences!

I also infer that lian will tell the Wicked queen that Jack and the rest of the pirates and Jacks friends are about to break the curse ( that the wicked queen put on the Fairy Homelands to kill the millions of fairy's that lived in the Fairy Homelands). Then the Wicked Queen will come and try to stop Jack and his crew. But I have a feeling that Jack will be the hero of the fight and Jack and his crew will win.

My summary of what I read today!

The pirate's ship was tipping vertical and Jack, his friends, and the pirate crew were holding on to ropes hoping not to fall off the ship. The boat was heading toward a castle and they were falling right towards it. May had an idea she saw the monkey that could put a bottle around the ship. She untied herself from a rope and imminently went falling May grabbed the monkey as she fell past him. As May and the monkey went falling towards the front end of the falling ship May tried to rip the bottle out of the monkeys hands, after a few seconds May was able to get it out of the monkeys hands. Then a figure made of wood stopped her from falling off the ship completely. Once May calmed down she did exactly what the monkey had done to get the ship in the bottle. But it didn't work, then the monkey tried it and of coarse it worked, the bottle immediately went around the ship. Soon the bottle with the ship inside of it came crashing into the castle, and soon the ship was half in and half out of the castle. But the bottle started cracking so that soon millions of pieces of glass would come falling down and slicing everybody into tiny bits. But again May had an idea. She told the monkey to shrink the bottle back to its regular size like the monkey had done before. The monkey tried it over and over again but no luck. " You can't get it to shrink?" asked May madly. The monkey grinned and stuck out his tongue than shrank the bottle before the bottle broke into tiny pieces of glass.