Newsletter Term 1 Week 3

Menzies College 2022

From the Principal’s desk

Kia ora katoa

Welcome to the 2022 school year. Over the holiday break the school was a hive of activity with the fence and grounds reinstatement being completed. The roofing project is almost complete with good progress being made on the hall roof. The roll is currently 339 students with 63 new students at Year 7 and the rest spread evenly through the school.

Senior students achieved well last year despite the interruptions:

At Year 11, 74.7% of students gained NCEA Level 1 compared to 68.5% nationally. At Year 12, 79.9% of students gained NCEA Level 2 compared to 77.4% nationally. At Year 13, 72.4% of students gained NCEA Level 3 compared to 69.9% nationally. At Year 13, 51.7% of Students gained University Entrance compared to 50.8% nationally.These results represent an improvement on last year at every level except Year 12. Lower percentage results at Year 12 reflect a number of students who left school early to join the workforce. These outcomes are pleasing as considerable effort goes into support individuals to be successful.

GF Walker awards are held to recognise students who performed with distinction in the external examinations and those who have leadership roles in the school this year. Unfortunately, we were unable to hold the ceremony. Certificates, badges and trophies will be given to students in class or posted. The leadership roles will be acknowledged in an assembly later in the year. A list of recipients accompanies this newsletter but I would like to make special mention of the trophy winners:

Brock Stuart - Level 3 trophy for Best External Exam performance

Logan Andrews - Level 2 trophy for Best External Exam performance

Reece Lynch - Level 1 trophy for Best External Exam performance

Graeme Walker had planned to talk about the ‘Fire for Life’ stove that he donated to the Outdoor department which is currently in use at Hope Arm Camp.

In recent weeks several of our students have been competing in National events:

  • Lucy Smyth, Diesel Ross, Sophie Ross, Zoe Muir, Kadence Hunter and Charlie Blackmore competed in various track and field events at the South Island Colgate Games. Zoe won silver medals in the 800m and 1500m age group events.
  • Kimberley Simmons attended the 2022 National All Dairy Breeds Youth Camp near Te Awamutu at Westell Farms. Kimberley was placed first in the Senior Handler section. She also attended the New Zealand Dairy event in Fielding assisting the Gilbert family from Ashburton with the 30 animals they were showing. Kimberley is part of a New Zealand Youth Dairy team for showing dairy cattle. Her team placed overall second at the National event with Kimberley placing fifth in her class for the individual handler.
  • Anna Smith won the Equi-Lise Category B New Zealand National Pony title last weekend at the Christchurch Event Centre. Anna won on her pony El Alpha G Whizz and was also second on Smarda.

Please email about student achievements outside school hours so it can be acknowledged. Photos are appreciated.

Thank you to the staff and helpers who will return from Hope Arm camp today with the Year 12 students. We are very fortunate to have such a supportive community with 12 parents/ex-pupils/supporters helping to make the camp successful.

Best wishes to staff, students, parents and helpers attending camps in the coming week - Year 13 are at Edenview and Year 7 are at Camp Columba.

We have school athletics planned for Tuesday 1 March all going well, no spectators are permitted.

Nga mihi nui

Kath Luoni


GF Walker Awards 2022

Level 1

NCEA Level One Endorsement with Merit

Bradley Hedges

Anna Sinclair

Arden Knapp

Ellie Sisley

Jack Ramage

Hunter Richards

Naidene Wilson-Hemara

Allianz Tuhao

Ralph Raluto

Kliah Andit

NCEA Level One Endorsement with Excellence

Chloe Laurie

Josie McLellan

Reece Lynch

Liana Gauldie

Sophie Ferguson

Sar Latanafrancia

Merit Subject Endorsements

Sophie Ferguson - English, History, Mathematics and Science

Shane Torrepalma - Food Technology

Josie McLellan - History and Science

Arden Knapp - English

Maxine Lomboy - English and Physical Education

Ellie Sisley - Geography, Mathematics and Science

Bradley Hedges - Physical Education

Hayley Porteous - Physical Education

Rhea Rashee - Art and Geography

Jack Ramage- English and Mathematics

Hunter Richards - History and Mathematics

Allianz Tuhao - Physical Education

Sar Latanafrancia - English and Mathematics

Liana Gauldie - English, History and Mathematics

Naidene Wilson-Hemara - Art, Agriculture, English, History, Physical Education and Science

Kliah Andit- Physical Education

Rose McDonald - Art and Physical Education

Chloe Laurie - Art, English and Science

Anna Sinclair - English, Geography and Science

Reece Lynch - English and Physical Education

Excellence Subject Endorsements

Sophie Ferguson - Physical Education

Bradley Hedges - Mathematics

Josie McLellan - English and Physical Education

Arden Knapp - Physical Education

Ellie Sisley - English

Hunter Richards - Physical Education

Allianz Tuhao - English

Braden Poyntz-Roberts- Physical Education

Sar Latanafrancia - Art, Physical Education and Science

Liana Gauldie - Physical Education

Ralph Raluto - Art

Chloe Laurie - Food Technology and Geography

Reece Lynch - Mathematics and Science

GF Ward Principals Cup Level 1 - Reece Lynch

Level 2

NCEA Level Two Endorsement with Merit

Josiah Ashman

Jake Kiernan

Peyton Dickson

Arin Read

Lisa Yorke

Laura Heads

Paige Richards

Deniz te Lindert

Abby van der Straaten

Brooke Loveridge

William Johnston

Summer Edwards

NCEA Level Two Endorsement with Excellence

Logan Andrews

Kimberley Simmons

Merit Subject Endorsements

Brooke Loveridge - Biology, Chemistry, English and Mathematics

Laura Heads - Chemistry

Josiah Ashman - Chemistry, English and Mathematics

Zavana Davey - Chemistry

Summer Edwards - Agriculture and Physical Education

William Johnston - Agriculture, English and Mathematics

Lisa Yorke - Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics

Logan Andrews - Physical Education and Physics

Peyton Dickson - Mathematics

Jake Kiernan - Biology, English and Physics

Paige Richards - English, Geography and History

Kimberley Simmons - Accounting, Biology, English and Mathematics

Deniz te Lindert - Accounting and Mathematics

Excellence Subject Endorsements

Arin Read - History

Logan Andrews - Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics

Jake Kiernan - Chemistry

Kimberley Simmons - Art and Chemistry

ER Currie Principals Cup Level 2 - Logan Andrews

Level 3

NCEA Level Three Endorsement with Merit

Latasha Reriti

Jacob Leith

Brock Stuart

Maria Perriam

Keegan Knapp

Dean Stewart

NCEA Level Three Endorsement with Excellence

Renee McLellan

Brianna Ferguson

Merit Subject Endorsements

Peyton Dickson - Chemistry

Keegan Knapp - Chemistry, Mathematics with Calculus and Mathematics with Statistics

Renee McLellan - Chemistry

Maria Perriam - Art and English

Brianna Ferguson - Art and Mathematics with Statistics

Brock Stuart - Chemistry, History and Mathematics with Statistics

Latasha Reriti - Chemistry, Geography

Dean Stewart - Chemistry, Mathematics and Physical Education

Excellence Subject Endorsements

Renee McLellan - English

Brianna Ferguson - Geography

FB Harding Principals Cup Level 3 - Brock Stuart

School Photos

School photos were taken last week, this year we have a new photographer. Packs will be sent home in due course displaying class and individual photos. Costs of photos will be included with instructions on how to order them.


Due to the current Red setting, the annual Southland Secondary Schools athletics sports day and the Southland Primary Schools athletics day have been postponed until term four. The South Island Secondary Schools Athletics Championships have been cancelled for 2022.

Coming into 2022 sports, we have many events that are being modified, postponed or cancelled. If you have any questions about up coming sports events at school please email Mrs Hayley Adam the sports coordinator at

Vaccinations required to play in sports competitions

Please be aware that sporting codes that run various competitions for extra curricular sport are requiring vaccinations for students aged 12 and over to play. Students must be fully vaccinated to play. This means if they are intending to play next term they need to be getting vaccinated as soon as, vaccinations need to be three weeks apart. Students will be made aware of the requirements before trialing for teams.

Paid Union Meeting - 21 February

Firstly, next Monday 21 February is a Paid Union Meeting (PUM). There is an entitlement in teachers contracts which allows them to meet during school hours. School will finish at 1pm next Monday (after lunch), buses will run at their usual time after 3.15pm as they are shared with the primary schools. Any student who is not able to be picked up or make their own way home, will meet in the hall and be kept occupied until the end of the day. All students leaving at 1pm will be asked to sign out.

Secondly, the challenge of managing Covid in our community is getting closer. Staff and students have been fantastic with their compliance around wearing masks and I thank them for this. We have plans in place to endeavour to keep the school open as long as possible. In the event of a case, direct emails (like this) and notifications on the School APP (see the Menzies College Website for instructions on downloading) will be the way we communicate general information. Any close contacts will be contacted by phone. Confidentiality is important, at no time will the cases name be revealed.

It may be necessary to roster home year levels in order to keep the school open. If this is the case only Year 7 -10 students will be rostered home. They will be provided with work in their Google Classroom for Maths, English, Social Science and Science. Option classes and Physical Education will not be offered on line during rostering home, this is to free up staff to supervise classes if teachers are isolating. All subjects will be offered if the school is closed. Any student under the age of 14 years, who cannot be supervised at home, can come to school even if they are rostered home or the school is closed. They will be supervised to work in the Google Classroom.

Devices for online learning will be issued to those who need them, in the event of rostering home or closure.

Device Security 2022

With the increased emphasis on BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) at Menzies this year there are some security/safety measures students can take to look after their devices. In the Year 7 and 8 homeroom classes students have access to a locked cupboard to store their devices during the day. For Year 9-12 students we have a number of lockable lockers around the school. If a student would like to hire a locker they need to see Mr Bennett. These cost $20 a year. Year 13 students have space in the common room to store their devices. If students take their devices down to the gym they can have them locked in a draw in the PE office. It is encouraged that students have some sort of cover for their devices as well.

Head Students 2022

Name: Arin Read

Position held: Head Girl

Year: 13

Subjects studying: Biology, Calculus, History, Outdoor Education, Physical Education

Academic achievements: NCEA Merit Endorsement Level 1 & 2

Sports: Netball, soccer, adventure racing

Interests/Hobbies: Outdoors, music, sports, travel, making 'tik toks', friends & family

Ambitions: Outdoor instructor, travel

Best about Menzies: Outdoor department, Teachers, free lunches

Name: Jake Kiernan

Position held: Head Boy/Student Representative on Board of Trustees

Subjects studying: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Statistics, Outdoor Education

Academic achievements: Year 10 General Excellence, Environmental Award, Perseverance Award, NCEA Excellence Endorsement Year 11, Merit Endorsement Year 12

Sports: Kayaking, volleyball, hiking, rifle shooting

Interests/Hobbies: Printmaking, Camp Columba, swimming

Ambitions: Forensic Analytical Scientist

Best about Menzies: The opportunities provided to get out and make a change, learn and grow.

Action Shots of various students

Below are two photos of students in the workshop and Anna Smith showjumping.

Kapa Haka Uniforms

Kia ora

On behalf of the Menzies College Kapa Haka group we are looking at designing Kapa Haka uniforms. We would appreciate it if you could click on the link below and fill out the form so that we can get community input before we start the design process.

Ngā mihi

Samantha Johnstone, Bailey Soper & Lachie Hayes

Achievement Slip Draw

Congratulations to the following students and staff member:

Week ending 18 February

Junior: Kadence Hunter, Diesel Ross, Liam McGowan, Dustin Frost, Mr Simon Pearce

Your canteen vouchers can be collected from the office.

Important Dates


  • 22-25 - Year 13 Edenview Leadership Camp
  • 23-25 - Year 7 at Camp Columba


  • 1 - Menzies Athletics day
  • 2 - Menzies Athletics day cancellation date
  • 3 - Year 10 Sexwise programme
  • 9 - Year 12 Biology 'Stream' trip


  • 13 - Menzies Cross Country
  • 14 - Last day of Term 1
  • 15 - Good Friday (school closed)


  • 2 - First day Term 2

Menzies College Musac Edge Parent Portal & School App

Edge Parent Portal

  • Go to the home page of the Menzies College Website find the Hotlinks and Downloads part and click on the edge login to the parent portal link. It will take you to the screen shown below:
  • Your login is the email address that Menzies College has on file. If you do not remember which it is then please contact Menzies College office to check. If you have not given Menzies College your email you will not be able to log in.
  • First time login you need to click on ‘forgot password’. You will be emailed a temporary password.
  • Put your temporary password in. You will then be asked to change the password to something permanent.

To Download the Menzies College School App

Go to the App Store and search ‘SchoolAppsNZ’ and follow instructions. The following picture shows what can be accessed through this App.

When using the school App it is also a good opportunity to check out contact details etc for your child. Please notify the school if you wish any alterations made.

Free Jacket Draw

Congratulations to Tahlia Costello who is the recipient of the free school jacket.


A reminder that parents/caregivers are to supply masks for students.

Methods of Expressing a Concern to Menzies College & Board Chairperson Procedure to Deal with Parental Concern

Big picture
Big picture


Please make sure that your child is in full and correct uniform. If there is a reason for an incorrect uniform item please write a note. We will replace items from our 'in house' uniforms where possible. Although 'hoodies' are trendy to wear, they are not a part of our school uniform. Students will be asked to remove non uniform items and offered a replacement item for warmth if required.

Don’t forget to name all uniform as this makes it a lot easier to return to students when lost.

A reminder that we sell ties, kilts, jackets and physical education tops from the office as well as second hand uniform.

HPV Vaccination Year 8 students

The HPV vaccine is funded for girls and boys aged 9-26 years (inclusive) with all students in Year 8 able to have the HPV immunisation at school. The HPV vaccine protects against future infection from nine types of human papillomavirus that lead to cervical, anal, genital, mouth and throat cancers, as well as genital warts. The HPV vaccine is the final immunisation given as part of New Zealand’s free childhood immunisation programme.

All year 8 students will be given a form to take home which includes detailed information about the immunisation. Please complete the form, either consenting or declining the school-based immunisation programme and return the form to school before Monday February 14th.

The first HPV vaccine will be administered at school between late February and mid-May 2022. The second and final HPV vaccine will be administered at school a minimum of 6 months after the first. If a student is absent on the vaccination day, the HPV Immunisation Team will revisit school on a later date to vaccinate.

The HPV vaccine can be given on the same day or week as the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. There is no need for any spacing between the two.

We will be abiding by any health measures that are required at the time of visiting schools.

Further information about HPV and the vaccine can be found at: or or you are welcome to contact the local HPV Immunisation Team by emailing or phoning (03) 214 6436 or 0800 800 249.

Wanted please. Can you help?

Donations of textured and/or coloured window glass for a school project. (For example old small windows or scrap coloured sheet glass). We have enough clear plain window glass. Please contact

Fabric needed
We are looking for donations of fabric for junior sewing projects. If you have any to spare please contact or drop off at the school office. Thanks in advance.
Wanted for Art Project
Having a wardrobe clean out? Do you have any old shoes you can donate to the Art Department? If so please could we have them for a Year 8 Art project. Any style is useful - boots, heels, flats, platforms, wedges etc. Please drop off at the school office. Thank you in advance.

Wendy Ritson

Art Teacher

Big picture

Wyndham Pioneer Lions Club Recycling

The Wyndham Pioneer Lions collect many things that raise money for the underprivileged and disadvantaged but we can do more with your help. Bread tags raise funds for wheelchairs (if they are colour coded before they are handed in that would be great).

  • Tear tabs from aluminium cans and wine bottle tops to raise funds for ‘Kidney Kids’.
  • Glasses (both reading and sunglasses) and hearing aids are distributed to places like the Pacific Islands, to improve the quality of lives of those who cannot afford such ‘extravagances’.
  • Aluminium cans and cardboard are collected by The Pakeke Lions in Gore.

If you can help it would be appreciated if you could take them to Menzies College or contact

Mrs C Garthwaite on (03) 206 6223.

Edendale R.S.A. Education Scholarships

These scholarships have been established by the Edendale R.S.A. to assist students of the district (Wyndham/Edendale), past students of Menzies College or direct descendants of past members of the Edendale R.S.A. in the first, second or third years of tertiary study. Applications close at 4pm on Thursday 31 March 2022. Applications are now open and full details are available from the Menzies College office.

Wyndham & Districts Community Rest Home Inc – Volunteers needed

As we plan for Omicron, the Wyndham Rest Home is looking for volunteers who could assist the Home if the district suffers a serious outbreak and our staffing rosters are impacted. Assistance offered could include delivering meals on wheels, volunteering in the Home making cups of tea or serving meals or other tasks which would free up our staff to continue caring for our residents. Full infection protocol training will be provided. For further information or to register your interest please contact Nurse Manager, Annette Sinclair on 03 2064901 or 0273860428. We appreciate the communities continued support during these challenging times.

Employment Opportunity

Part-time and Full-time Staff Wanted at McDonald’s Gore We are now hiring staff to work after school, and/or weekends and who are available to work extra hours over public holidays, school and Christmas holidays. You’ll be happy to work one or two shifts a week during the school term, and full-time hours during the school holidays, have great communication skills, and understand the importance of the part you play in the McDonald’s team. We have a number of positions available in Customer Service and Food Preparation. Applicants must be aged 15 years or older. Full-time work also available for any parents or caregivers. Apply Now at Enter Gore NZ as your location, OR scan the QR Code and begin your application. Alternatively drop your CV in-store today!
Big picture