Ally & Noel

Natural resources

Many of the countries in the Caribbean are known for having a lot of natural resources. Some of the most common resources are bauxite, oil, iron ore, asphalt and nickel. Most smaller islands do not have a lot of natural resources. apart from tourism, bananas, cocoa and coffee are popular sources of income.


The Caribbean has heavily influenced the musical genres. Some of the most popular styles of music are chutney, reggae, calypso, reggaeton, salsa & pan music.
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Food in the Caribbean is mostly based on African, Spanish, Chinese, and East Indian. In most meals, spices, peppers and many different types of herbs are used. Popular food items are jerk chicken, fried flying fish and callaloo soup, which is made of dasheen leaves, rice, and sometimes crabs.
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Flora and fauna (flowers and animals)

The Bwa Kwaib is the national flower of Dominica, the Bougainvillea of Grenada and the Heliconia of Montserrat. Fruit trees are found all over the place such as, mango, papaya, orange, banana, guava, pineapple, tamarind and watermelon. Some animals are endangered species and are being protected by the governments of each island. Hunting is allowed, but only at certain times of the year. The iguanas, manicou, the manatee, rattlesnake are protected from being harmed.

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The main festival throughout most of the Caribbean is Carnival. This takes place in Dominican Republic, Antigua, Jamaica, St. Kitts, Nevis and Barbados. Carnival is the big party before Lent begins.
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