Teacher Leader Updates

2nd 9 Weeks 2015


Science (Carrie Chilek)

~ CNS (Child Nutrition Services) wants to collaborate with staff and students more! The cafeteria manager (Roland Cantu) and our campus supervisor (Kim Roberts) want to get the kitchen staff to collaborate with classrooms. The easiest way is through through donations to classroom. See the yellow sheet (pic below Technology) with a list of YES, NO, and MAYBE items that we can request. An example that was given is the 3rd grade food model of Solar System...after you build the solar system, they will even take the food back, clean it, prepare it, and cut it to share with the students. Another example is for mixtures and solutions...they may be able to provide snack mixes. Someone in the CNS department is supposed to organize an Excel document that will give us some suggestions for specific lessons per grade level. I will share as soon as it's created. They request a 2 week notification to prepare and organize. If you have any ideas, please let me know and I will pass them along.

~ We want to remind all grade levels that the 5th grade Science STAAR and science instruction in 5th grade is AN EXTENSION of what students have learned in grades K-4. 5th graders should not be learning ALL NEW MATERIAL.

~ The timelines and lessons in our kits build on each other and we need to make sure we are teaching them all. If you skip lessons, it will probably affect the students down the road.

~ Vocabulary connections are very important. For example...when teaching about Physical Properties in Science, you can relate it to Attributes in Math and Character Traits in RLA.

~ As a teacher leader I had to select a goal for my campus and I chose to see if I can increase the number of classes using the Science Lab. :) So I am working on a "Plan" for this. In the meantime....get in the lab!! It's fun!!! Your kids will LOVE it!

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Social Studies (Patricia Robertson)

Bummed because we don’t have enough iPads for every student? The social studies team leaders and technology team leaders met to discuss and share ways technology can be integrated into social studies and groups of students can work together on one iPad or Chromebook. Lessons for 1st, 3rd and 5th grade were demonstrated and they were awesome! Our technology team leader, Jamie Britt, or I can guide you through integrating technology into your lessons using Google maps and more.

1st Grade lesson: ME ON THE MAP

Use Ipads-shared learning experience

First grade lesson plan has maps linked into Nearpods

Nearpod Lesson

Join Code: STNDP

Blank Sheet of paper folded in 4ths

Link to Maps in Google Drive


3rd Grade lesson: CREATE A LANDFORM MAP

Materials/Tools Needed:

4 students per iPad:

  • US Map QR Code
  • Student A - Technician Student C - Materials Manager

Link to Maps in Google Drive


5th Grade lesson: GOOGLE SHEETS MAP DATA

items needed: Chromebooks, iPads ; may be used in pairs or quads

Using the maps students will collect the data in Google Sheets. Students will then design 3 questions to ask about the data they have collected.

Link to Maps in Google Drive


Language Arts (Becky Blackwell)

There is a new Language Arts Timeframe that has been uploaded to the Language Arts Curriculum Resources page. It is SO much better than the previous one! The new timeframe breaks the Language Arts block into the different components, what each component consists of, and how long to teach each component depending on your grade level. http://classroom.leanderisd.org/users/1401/%E2%80%9CLISD%20LA%20Timeframe%202015%20.pdf

Technology (Jamie Britt)

We are currently teaming with Social Studies to write lessons for the EUS's that have innovative ideas included! Keep an eye out!

If you haven't already, check out ProdigyMath! It's a great free replacement for ThinkThroughMath! My students are LOVING it! They get to go on fun adventures through answering targeted math questions and meeting the students at the level they need.