Jamestown/Plymouth comparison

By Tanner Brooks


-Established in 1607 -John smith and some 100 english colonists established Jamestown -The reason it was established was for gold and wealth -Jamestown had a representative government

Jamestown cont.

1.The colonists were divided into three groups one built small houses,the second planted crops,and the third was to explore for minerals 2.Up until age 6,young boys had long hair and wore dresses.After 6,both boys and girls were considered small adults


-Established 1620 -Located in massachusetts east of rhode island -Established by a group of sepratists -For religious freedom and financial profit -Had a self government known as the mayflower compact

Plymouth cont.

1.The colonists move to the settlement and built the first house on Christmas day 1620 2.By 1623 there were 32 houses and 180 residents at the Plymouth colony