The Black Gold Rush (North Dakota)

By: Joshua Torres and Kyran

Oil Boom!

The boom started in 2006 in Parshall Oil Field and is still continuing today. Even with the 2008-2012 global financial crisis, the oil boom has resulted in enough jobs to give North Dakota the lowest unemployment rate in the United States.
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How does this compare with the current national unemployment rate and the unemployment rate of other states?

Compared to the national unemployment rate which is 5.9% (Sep 2014). North Dakota has a 2.8% unemployment so obliviously its doing better then other states. In fact it is rank number 1 in unemployment rate in the united states.

What is the unemployment rate in North Dakota?

2.8% (Aug 2014)
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How much is North Dakota’s budget surplus?

North Dakota is a striving state and they have a good way with making money! Their budget surplus is $725,000 Billions and is estimated to continue to go up!
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How many oil workers are employed in North Dakota?

About 35,000 oil workers.

How much do oil workers make in North Dakota?

Beginners start off at $66,000 annually, and then they progressively working their way up to $112,000 annually. Which is really good pay for the average man to support his family.
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What effect have all the jobs had on the North Dakota economy?

They have a really good effect, specially the oil boom, creating jobs. For giving a lot of people jobs, which keeps the community up and striving.

Fun Fact : 40,856 full-time jobs, accounting for 9% of the state’s workforce in 2011.

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Housing shortage and cost of housing in the small oil towns

In North Dakota there are plenty of houses for people that are making a decent amount of income, but more towards the west there’s literally no place to sleep.

What are man camps?

Many oil workers live in “man camps,” often times without running water or electricity because of a lack of housing. And most work 12-hour shifts for 14 days straight, then take 14 days off.
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What has happened to the crime rate?

The crime rate increased alone, some people move to North Dakota for jobs others come to rob. A lot of money is being made in North Dakota which means more people want to steal it.

What is the ratio of men to women in the small oil towns?

There are more men in North Dakota and the reason being is because more men are coming to North Dakota to become a oil worker to gain more money. And not every man has a lady or family, or they get left behind because they don't want to spend money moving.


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