Genocide in Rwanda

April 6th, 1994

Hard Times in Rwanda

The events that have occurred these past months in Rwanda are very disturbing, the genocide of the Tutsi religious group has been a hard time for the country. It all started when the president of Rwanda, who was a Hutu, was killed and the Hutus automatically put the blame on the Tutsis. This was the start of the genocide. Anyone who was suspected of being a Tutsi was killed in their homes. The Hutus even set up roadblocks so that none of the Tutsis could leave the country.

President Habyarimana Killed!

Plane Shot Down

The president was returning from a meeting with African leaders when this plane was reportedly shot down by rocket fire. This played a big role in the genocide because the president was a Hutu and they assumed that a Tutsi had shot him down. The two groups normally didn't get along and this did not help the matter. The genocide started almost immediately after this event.