The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theater's Early History


It was built at Shoreditch, London in 1576, and the owner was James Burbage.

Corprate laws

It had a 21 year lease and expired at the end of 1597.


Rivalry between the theater playhouse were enormous. They would send other writers from other theaters to watch Shakespear's place to steal it's copyright information.

The Theaters Cast

Shakespeare's career began by 1592. During his career he was an actor, playwrighter who wrote 36 plays.


As time went by crime increased at the theaters the following performances the crowds were noisy and unruly.
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The Theatre's Main Culture And Entertainment


The Theatre Had A 1500 Plus Seating Capacity, Which Would Spiral Around The Whole Space In The Theatre.


The Main Theatre Was Also Used For Bear Batting, Gambling, And For Immoral Purposes.


On Days Of Performances, A Flag Was Put Up Signifying A Play. Sometimes The Symbol Of The Play Was Put On The Flag.


All Of The Theatres, Including The Globe Theatre Were Forced To Move Onto The South Side Of The Thames River, Due To The Churches Policies.


Surprisingly There Were No Female Actors. All Parts In Plays Were Played By Men.

The Theatre's Preformers

Richard Burbage

Born: 1567

Died: 1619

Born into a family of actors

Considered the first great actor of English history.

WIlliam Kempe

Born: 1560

Died: 1603

He was an actor and comedian.

Played a major character in Romeo and Juliet

Edward Alleyn

Born: 1566

Died: 1626

Married Joan Woodward

When Joan died he remarried and then he died three years later.

William Shakespeare

Born: 1564

Died: April 23, 1616

Got married in 1582 to Anne Hathaway.

Part owner of the Globe Theater.

Wrote plays and poems and was also an actor

The Globe Theatre's Downfall And Ressurection


In 1648 the Puritans ordered all playhouses and theatres to be shut down.

Civil war breaks out after they end the theatre and King Charles I gets killed.