Holiday Shopping

Mandi Scharping

Online Shopping vs. In-Store Shopping

More people prefer to shop in stores rather than shopping online. According to Wendy W. Moe, some shoppers look for just one specific things, so if that is the case, the sales people step in and help them(1). That is a reason people may like in store shopping better. As claimed by Wendy W. Moe " however, in the virtual shopping environment, there is no sales person to perform that role."(1). For online shopping, you have to have a credit card, debit card or a gift card. For in-store shopping, you can pretty much use whatever the store accepts.


Many stores have a layaway. According to Kathy Grannis, the director of media relations at the National Retail Federations, "Layaway has re-emerged as a budget savy way to keep family spending in check during the holiday shopping season."(2) Some stores may have a open fee or cancellation fee. Spokesperson of Wal-Mart, Veronica Marshall said Wal-Mart does have a $10 cancellation fee and that idea came from feedback from customers.(6) Customers should check out to see other store and see if they have a open fee or cancellation fee.

Black Friday

Black Friday always lands on the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday is when the holiday shopping usually begins. According to Barb Hopkins " if you hate standing in line for an amusement park ride, then you will most likely not like Black Friday" (3) A lot of people go black Friday shopping. So there will most likely be standing around, waiting for something, or waiting in line to checkout. Most stores, but not all stores have more than 20,00 items on sale during black Friday. (Brim, 3)

History of Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping didn't really start on a specific day. It just started because many people wanted to be done shopping right away after Thanksgiving. According to Miranda Marquit items can offer up to 80% off retail price at the beginning of the sales and that is why many people start holiday shopping right away.(4) The holiday shopping season has always happened so soon because of that. As claimed by Miranda Marquit "many years ago retailers wanted the holiday shopping season to start 24 days before Christmas."(3)

Tips to saving money during the holiday shopping season

There are many things you should do before you go holiday shopping. According to the article "Home- Money-Saving Holiday Shopping Tips" you should only spend 1.5% of your annual income.(1) You should always know the pros and cons of different payment methods. The article "Home- Money-Saving Holiday Shopping Tips" "You should always shop with a list, when you feel refreshed and relaxed and you should review sale flyers and bring them with you." (3) You should always have a budget and stay within in it, so you don't spend way more then you wanted to.