Counselors Corner

Monthly Update: March 2021

March Character Trait:

Friendship & Problem Solving!

This month, we will continue to build our social and emotional skills by focusing on Friendship & Problem Solving! As students grow and develop, they are learning the essential social aspects of creating and sustaining healthy lasting friendships with others!

It is important that we guide students in building these skills through practice and modeling! As a result, students are learning healthy and productive problem solving strategies that apply both to relationship building and their own resiliency.

What does it mean to be a good friend?

Good Friends Work together to solve problems!

Problem Sizes

Figuring out the size of our problem can better help us determine how to solve it! Some problems we can solve by ourselves or we can work it out with someone while others need an adults help!

Problem Solving Choices:

There are many things that we can try to solve our problems!

  1. Take Turns
  2. Tell them to please stop, firmly
  3. Walk Away
  4. Go to another game
  5. Ignore it
  6. Talk it out & Apologize
  7. Wait & Cool off
  8. Make a Deal