Branko's memories

by: Branko Tupanajc

Tedious day

Their dead-like faces staring hard,

Two unhappy companions sat in despair,

The two boys sat on a rather uncomfortable bench.

All they could do was wait,

In hope the misery would soon sub date.

There was no end in sight,

Their eagerness to leave had reached its height,

All they could think about was flight.

Rock Climbing Fun

Being above all,

Allows one to see all.

Gazing down on people below,

Tons of little people can be seen very low.

Its quite an astounding sight,

Makes you believe your some super natural knight.

Thinking your above the law,

Is the most common flaw.

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Two Determined Lads

Two best friends, Branko and Corey, getting ahead.

Practicing together for a tournament,

Organizing their time,

Maintaining a single goal,

Practicing moves.

Getting good to become the best of the best

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A Depressing Day

When I was at my friend's lake house,

I had a lot of fun.

I was able to water ski,

I was able to tube,

I was able to water board.

To see it end was sad,

All good thing come to an end.

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Thirsty Boy

Drinking large quantities of water

Will make anyone feel better.

A man that enjoys to drink

Will never be on the brink

It makes you feel happy

And prevents you from feeling angry

It will make everyone like you

with a positive view

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Three Paragraphs of My Favorite Moment

It may seem a bit ironic, but my favorite moment was "The Tedious Day". It was in a way the most emotional of all the other moments. The other ones: "Thirsty Boy", "A Depressing Day", "Two Determined Lads", and "Rock Climbing Fun"; weren't as emotional. When I go to wrestling tournaments, it's as if time stops. They are insanely boring. When you're not wrestling, you're sitting down. Out of the twelve hours I am there, I usually wrestle about twelve minutes. The other eleven hours and forty eight minutes consist of me sleeping, eating, and staring. Looking at at the picture of my teammates has reminded me of all the grueling times we had to go through. By the end of the day I'm a dead-like walking corpse that has forgotten what it feels like to move. Therefore, this moment has had the most impact in my life; it makes me feel it matters more than the other ones presented.

The reason this moment obviously sticks in my mind more than most is because of how many times I had to endure moments just like this. These types of moments have been engraved into my mind. Whenever I hear anything about wrestling, images of tournaments go buzzing through my mind. Anything that causes me to wait brings back memories of the wretched wrestling tournaments. It makes me quiver just thinking of it.

My will power, strained, was constantly being tested when I went to these things. When something is constantly testing my will power like these tournaments did, I find it impossible to forget.

In future, I plan to keep in touch with the people that went through all these emotional moments with me. I hope to be friends and remain on good terms with them. I was thinking when we all go to college we could keep in touch by using skype, Facebook, or some other social network. I'm definitely going to have some face to face contact with them during the summer; maybe even during the year if our schools are close by. Staying in touch with this group is really important to me. These guys and I were there for each other during the tough times we had to endure.