Windham Nation

Tracy Windham


We are located in the middle of Atlantic ocean. 8,534,251 miles from the United States.
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How did you originate?

Windham Nation came from the British people of Western Union. We were a nomadic tribe.

Type of Economy

-traditional !!!!!

We farm and work in the field growing fruits and vegetables.

Type of Government

We are a democracy and we allow people to vote.


We speak English, spanish , and french.


Our population growth is 3 million to 4 million people.

Claim to Fame i.e.

" We have the most Fastest Cars In the World."
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National Animal

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What do you trade?

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Who are some of your trading partners?

Some of my trading parents are john rice, Michael snow, and William wright.

Membership in the U.N?

There are 193 Membership in the united nation.

10 laws

1.Everyone have the right to vote.

2.No smoking or drinking.

3.Pets are allowed every where.

4.No baggy clothes.

5.No taking about other people or joking..

6.Always respect others. responsible for your own stuff.

8.No fighting and cursing.

9.keep hands and feet to your self.

10. no selling items or trading products with other people.

3 currents events that's happening involving your government.

-The taxes

- Job raise

-stock market crash