Chapitre DEUX

Notes culturelle


If you get invited to a French home for dinner, it is courteous to bring flowers or candy (but no chrysanthemums because they are the flower of death in France). When engaging in conversation, some topics to avoid are political affiliation, someone's age, salary, or profession.


In a typical French teenager's room, you will not find a TV, rarely find a phone, and their clothes will be hung up in an armoire instead of a closet. In a French house, the bathroom has only a sink and shower/bath and there is a separate room for the toilet. Also, they have one long pillow that covers the width of the bed instead of having multiple pillows.


A French responds to compliments on their home or possessions the same way they respond to compliments regarding their clothes and appearance. Some typical responses are tu trouves? C'est vrai? Vraiment? and C'est gentil! and not just merci.

Adele Maldonado