Crater Lake

The Deepest Blue Lake Known to Man

Like No Place On Earth

Crater Lake has inspired many people. Its probably inspired thousands. No place on earth is there a lake like Crater Lake, a deep, pure lake, with its water so blue and the surrounding cliffs that go almost 2,000 feet high. There are two islands and a violent volcanic past. A place of immeasurable beauty. With and outstanding out door laboratory and classroom.

Plan your visit

For visitors, these few months provide the best opportunity for a comfortable visit. Many interpretive programs are offered which encourage a deeper understanding of the lake and the park. Hiking and camping are popular activities. Fishing for trout and salmon in the lake is also a favorite pastime. Families find Crater Lake a wonderful cool place to reconnect with picnics and reunions. And for park staff, this short season provides the only access to numerous projects long buried under the snow.
This summer season is short (Crater Lake's first snowfall is often in September) so viewing a dormant volcano with a magnificent blue lake within its crater is an experience not to be missed.

Crater Lake, OREGON