Psychology Exam Prep May 17 - 20

Final Exam Statement

NC State Board of Education policy GCS-A-016 allows each school district to set the weight of final exams in determining the final grade for a course. Districts must calculate final exams at least 20%; NCVPS calculates final exams as 25% in its final grade but since NCVPS is a supplement to our public schools, each student's district will determine how much the student's final exam will count in his or her final grade. Therefore, students may see a difference in their final grades the school reports to them if the district weighs final exams more or less than 25%. The district's determination of final exam percentages outweighs NCVPS's decision to weigh final exams 25%. Determination of the final course grade is the district's decision.

Psychology Grade:

  • First Semester Average (37.5%)
  • Second Semester Average (37.5%)
  • Final Exam (25%)

Teacher Talk - Mr Redder

You are almost done! The only task you have left to complete is the Final Exam. The Final Exam consists of 86 questions.

It is a mix of multiple choice and constructed response questions. You will have two attempts for the Final Exam. There must be 24 hours between your attempts. You should attempt the exam in school during a scheduled time.

Keep in mind that the Final Exam falls under the NCVPS academic integrity policy.

Final Exam = 25%

The exam must be completed by 11:59 pm on 5/20. The Final Exam is worth 25% of your overall course average.
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