Nov./Dec. Book of the Month

Kids Get Coding: Coding in the Real World

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About the Book

Computers are all around us every day. They control machines, vehicles, lights, and much more. These computers are programmed to to help us in so many ways. When we program a computer, we tell it what to do using code. In this book, we'll look at how and why these computers are programmed to do what they do and learn about the code that tells them what to do.

Hour of Code

Cannon will participate in a learning event called Hour of Code during the week of December 9-15. Every Cannon scholar will get to experience coding activities. Our book of the month, Kids Get Coding: Coding in the Real World, will be the perfect way to prepare us for this event! Click the links below to explore more about the Hour of Code event.

About the Challenge

All Cannon scholars will hear the book in their classrooms during the first week of November. Then they should visit to experience extension coding activities. There are eight books in the series and each book has a Scratch coding exercise kids can do to experience coding first hand! The first one or two activities for each book on the website are pdf worksheets. You can download those if you want, but the last activity for each book is an online coding practice.

Step 1

Go to the website using your iPad or Chromebook,

Step 2

Pick a book from the series and look at the activities available
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Step 3

Practice coding using the Scratch Exercise available for the book you chose
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Step 4

After you complete the exercise/game, click See Inside on the top right of the game screen. This takes you to the coding directions programmed for the game. Experiment with the code. Move the pieces. Now take a screenshot with your iPad or Chromebook.
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Step 5

Open the Seesaw app on your iPad. Use Seesaw to write your name on the screenshot you took. If you don't have Seesaw, mark on the screenshot as soon as you take it with the Markup feature.
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Step 6

Email your screenshot to Mrs. Wagner at to show her you practiced your coding skills. She will add your screenshot to the slideshow on the big screen in the library.

Step 7

Repeat steps 1-6 as many times as you want to practice your coding! I want to see lots and lots of coding screenshots on the big screen with your name on them!