Noticias de la Semana

January 11 - 15, 2016

Academic Update

Math: I was quite impressed with the overall scores of the multiplication/division test! Division is not the easiest concept to master and the students did well! We are now on Tema 9 which is the study of patterns (numbers, shapes, tables). Here is a website to utilize if your child would like to enjoy some activities at home!

Literacy: We are finally beginning our informational writing unit! Our initial lessons include: informational text features, important vs. interesting information, and summarizing.

Intercambios: It is week two of Ancient China! The topics being studied this week are: clothing styles throughout the dynasties, Chinese calligraphy, inventions, the Great Wall of China, storytelling, and the Chinese New Year.

Spelling: One group has the B and V sounds. The other group of kiddos has words with a silent h and no h. Check the word sorts for more information!

Monday smile :-)

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