Three people who changed the world


Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass were amazing people

Harriet Tubman has so much courage and hope and did not believe in slavery at all and wanted a normal life. She would help hundreds of slave to be brought to freedom and have their normal lives. She saved over 300 slaves non stop and would always return to slave country to help and get slaves free. Frederick was one of the very few slaves who learned how to read. He was also one of the slaves who were free and went along with his wife to freedom.

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther Was a succesful man

Martin luther was a brave man himself. He had alot of courage and hope like other people such as Harriet Tubman. In 1963 He gave his "I have a dream" The speech was about how je wanted his three kids to "Not be judged by their skin color but by their character" This was an very famous speech that is still remebered to present day. Many people still admire how much courage Martin had because he didn't believe in slavery and didn't want to be apart from white people. He wanted equailty.