What's New with Google Suite

What's New with Google Suite

Google Suite has not only updated its name but has also kept up with user feedback and updated or added to some of their most powerful tools. This module will showcase some of these "Did you know?" solutions.

Part 1: Google Classroom: Helpful intro video link below

1. Classroom is now available for use with personal gmail accounts. This creates opportunities for more student connections outside of the school walls

2. Schedule posts: Classroom now allows you to schedule posts to show up at a later time.

3. Student and teacher notifications: ability to receive specific notifications related to assigned, late or graded work.

Part 2: Google Drive

1. Team Drive: Please view this video

*After watching the video please post a comment on our ICYMI Padlet link sharing a way you could use Team Drive

3. Explore: Explore has replaced the previous search option in Docs.

*View this intro video link and post a comment on our ICYMI Padlet link sharing one thing you learned or how you plan to use this feature.

4. How to Easily Assess Student Writing in Google Docs Link. After reviewing this blog post and video, please share on our Padlet link how WRiQ can help you.

Part 3: Choose Your Own Adventure

Embracing the power of choice for your students can be a powerful way to structure lessons, units and activities. Maintaining a focus on student choice helps to create learning environments of meaning where student voices matter. Choose Your own adventure stories or lessons is just one way to offer choice in learning.

1.Please take a look at this slide Deck by Sylvia Duckworth for an overview of this idea.

2. You may also like the CYOA Google Form option here.

Activity: Create a CYOA lesson or activity using one of the above options.


1. Slide four contains a link to a planning template. select one and "make copy" to begin.

2. When you are ready to create/link slides please consider her template on slide 5.

3. Please feel free to collaborate on this project with a colleague. What a great way to plan for the fall.

4. Please post your CYOA lesson/activity on our ICYMI Padlet.

**Please fill out this survey after completing the What's New with Google Suite activities.

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