The Existence of Hobbits

By: Akshay Kulkarni

My personal claim

Through vivid vocabulary and precise word choice Tolkien created the symbolic and magical tale called The Hobbit. Readers could imagine the creatures of this book clearly, and often fantasized that such creatures such as dragons and trolls actually existed. Though scientists have proved that the book was just the work of Tolkien's imagination, new evidence has been found leading me to believe that the hobbit species is real.

Evidence supporting the existance of the hobbit

1. In 2003 researches were astounded when they unveiled an 18,000-year-old fossil in a large cave in Flores, Indonesia. The fossil found had a proportionally small skull, and the fossils found around it were also small. The researchers estimated that the species was about 3 feet tall, just as how tall a hobbit normally was.

2. Its wrist structure proved that it was in the homo genus and resembled a homo sapien and a homo erectus.

3. Commonly refered to as the hobbits though its scientific name is Homo Erectus

4. A total of 9 fossils such as the first found in the cave.

The other side of the the argument

1. Argue that with its short stature and strange wrist structures it would be hard for the species to provide for themselves.

2. No proof that the fossils found in the island weren't human or another early form of a human.

3. The small stature could have also been caused by a genetic disorder such as down syndrome.

4. It would be impossible for an organism with a brain size of an orange to produce the sophisticated tools found near the organism. (it was proven the organism had a brain similar to the size of an orange.)

5. In the book Tolkien states that all hobbits have thick and curly brown hair which would mean that they all share the same gene for hair, which is impossible when reproducing.

Refutation of the counter- argument

1. On the island in Indonesia dwarfism served as an adaption as it helped the organism to hide and reach food easier. Another organism that used this adaption to its advantage was the dwarf elephant which was also found on the island.

2. DNA sequencing showed that the organism was completely different then any other organism found on earth at that time proving that the organism was unique.

3. It is impossible to tell the hair color of the organism with our current technology, so there is no way to prove or disprove that the organism wasn't like the hobbit. The organism's reproduction method is also unknown, meaning that the organism could have reproduced asexually leading to a lack of genetic diversity.

Reasoning as to why you should believe that hobbits could be real

Though The Hobbit was a fictional book i believe that hobbits are real based upon the plain evidence and facts that support the claim. There were a total of nine other fossils found on the island each closely related to each other that were like none other seen before proven through Dna testing. This proves that this wasn't an early form on a human, but was a unique and new organism. Since it was 3 feet tall and had properties resembling a hobbit as described by Tolkien it was known as the hobbit. It wouldn't make sense to choose not to believe that the species lives, because from a logical stand point it would make sense just as how any the finding of a new species normally would.
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Facial creation of the human and the hobbit

The above 2 pictures show the facial creation path of both the human and the hobbit, with the first picture being of a human and the second being of a hobbit. You can see key similarities such as overall same facial anatomy such as the position of the nose and the mouth, as well as seeing direct contrast between both models such as a wider jaw . This aids me in fathoming that such a creature as the hobbit is possible and its relation to the human, as i can better see the hobbit's relation to the human.