Healthy Heart

Do What You Can

Control What You Can For Your Heart

Cardiovascular disease is the number one American killer. Genetics, gender and age are all non-modifiable risks to heart disease. What is passed down, aging, and being female are uncontrollable risk, however there are many more modifiable risk that we should do our best to avoid. Smoking cigarettes, hypertension, and becoming overweight are all things we control. Not smoking, consuming the daily recommended value of fat, and being physically active are easy tasks to perform every day for the health of your heart. It's your personal choice to accomplish these tasks and to lower your modifiable risk of cardiovascular disease.

How Does This Affect You?

Cardiovascular disease can be asymptomatic. Many college students have cardiovascular disease and do not know it because of their unhealthy habits. Mostly fatty diets is the most common source. Smoking cigarettes and being physically inactive are two other habits the increase modifiable risk for college students.