Friday Focus

January 8th, 2016

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Week in Review

We are off and racing to a great start to 2016. This week studens worked back to routines and we all gathered for a great staff meeting. Thank you to Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Moore for taking time and sharing with us. Also, thank you to Kyle and the tech department for always offering constant support!

Congratulations to Marianne Cobos on the birth of her new little one and to our stuff the turkey winners!

E Day preparation-are you ready? Continue to test lessons in class with students to ensure each student is comfortable with navigating CANVAS and the appropriate tools.

Next week we welcome Witham as a partner in helping our students to raise awareness for their own personal health. We also have a PTO meeting on Wednesday at 9:15.

Some thoughts as we enter 2016

Many folks make resolutions. Resolutions are great simply because we reflect about where we are in life and where we want to be. This process is learning. Action takes place when we take a first step. Progress can be defined as continually moving in the direction of your goal, regardless of the speed you move. We all know resolutions can soon fade so consider this quote as you set your eyes well into goals for 2016.

"It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

At the Thursday staff meeting, I mentioned some important pieces when it comes to our profession and change. I really think this is important to consider. Ironically, change is our only constant. I have worked with folks who look at change and think, "oh, I will do that next year" or "I will only do it when they tell me I have to". Or, they simply don't change. These are excuses that can hurt the profession by simple stagnation. Knowing change is constant, one will soon feel a great deal of anxiety and become overwhelmed with the idea of procrastinated acceptance of change and growth mindset. If you put off one change, soon there will be another need occurring for an additional change, now your gap has widened. And thus this can continue time and time again. It is very easy to quickly find yourself shutting down, trying to do your own thing and feeling justified in telling yourself, they just don't understand.

My advice is simple but is very uncomfortable. Acceptant change in reality and be the bleeding edge pioneer willing to fail forward. By doing this, you truly get into the zone of proximity of pure learning and knowing full well why a change may be needed for students.

This is a school accepting of failure by both students and staff who desire to grow and lead by stepping forward. But we all understand failure is only temporary and will produce a better tomorrow if we allow it to do such!

So what to do?

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Where is it we get started? It can be as simple as setting eyes upon such things as our district technology goals. How are students creators in your classroom? How is learning transparent and with purpose? How is learning utilizing an authentic audience? How am I honoring voice and choice to my learners? Or, it may be looking hard at your own practice and identifying a weakness and working with coaches to make it a strength. Your growth becomes trajectory!

Years ago, we all knew touch interface technology was coming and now iPADS are the hit with kids. Next, you will see 4D augmented virtual reality be as common as touch interface. It may be something to see how you can use it more when Google comes to PVE for their visit. Or, you may decide to dig deeper into writing and create more opportunities to honor voice and choice to students. The world is truly your oyster!

Please know it starts with a courageous first step. This district is blessed with folks who would love to support anyone going down a route that may feel new or uncomfortable.

As we opened our staff, I will close this note--make 2016 your best year yet!



Google is Coming!

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Flexible Learning Environments

Do you enjoy the Adventure Center for sharing? It could be considered a flexible learning environment. These spaces are very conducive to multiple activities and elevating student engagement through collaboration. This short video gives more insight as small pieces can become part of your own classroom.
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