Benjamin Franklin

By: Madison O'Shea

Life of Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was born in to a big and poor family from Boston. He was one out if 17 kids, his parent were Abiah and Josiah and his father was a candle and soap maker. Around 12 years old Ben's older brother taught him the printing businesses. This required him to leave school so that he could make money for the family. Around 17 Ben left for Philadelphia and founded many things and improved the city in general. Around the 1750's Ben moved to London for about 10 years trying to talk things over with England and tries to influence them to avoid war and over come colonies dispute. After that 10 years he moved back to Philly and helped draft the decoration of Independence. Later he left for Paris and became very well know. He went to negotiate a treaty for the french to get them to be on the American side. His charming wits got the French on our side and America won. After the war he came back to Philly again and became part of the constitutional convention in 1787. 3 years later he passed way at 84 years old.

  • Born in to a poor family
  • one of 17 kids
  • first worked as a printer
  • moved to Philly
  • moved to London for 10 years
  • got Paris to join sides with U.S
  • part of constitutional convention
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Ben's contribution

Living in Philadelphia, he was able to devote him self to improving the most important city at that time. He had helped to create the American Philosophical Society located in Philly. He was one of the founders of University of Pennsylvania, which today is one of the top colleges in the U.S.A. Another great achievement of his was that he had created the first public library in America that is still successful to this day. Living it what was considered the capital of the U.S.A he thought he would help to improve it by paving roads, installing sewer lines, improving street light, and making fire brigades. Benjamin's ideas effected the whole world and made a city that has lasted over 300 years.

  • created the American Philosophical Society
  • Made the University of Pennsylvania
  • Made the first Library in America
  • Improved Philly with road work, and sewers

Ben's inventions

There is no doubt that Benjamin Franklin was extremely intelligent, in fact he has made quite a few inventions we still have today. One of the biggest and well known inventions he made was electricity. He found way's to turn energy in to what we use as our modern day power sources now such as; light bulbs, streetlights, etc. He also invented a open heating stove called a Franklin stove, in which we still use today and typically call a wood burning stove. He invented eye wear called Bifocals that allowed people to see near and far with the same pair of glasses. In addition to his many inventions, he was musically inclined. He made an instrument that used moistened glass and a rocking chair called an Armonica.

  • Created the first bifocals
  • made street lamps with electric
  • Made a wood burring stove called Franklin stove
  • Made a musical instrument called armonica

Poor Richer

  • "He that cannot obey, cannot command." Words to govern by. Whether you are a parent or an employer or even a teacher, they are words that carry meaning. As a parent they pass their command down to their children. As an employer, they carry their command down to their employees. Finally, as a teacher, they receive their command from their principal or sometimes even higher up.
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