The Harlem Renaissance

Lois Mailou Jones


Born in Boston Massachusetts in 1905, the second child to Thomas Vreeland and Caroline Dorinda Jones. Her father was the first African American to graduate from Boston Suffolk Law school. Jones parents first noticed that she was interested in art when she was in Boston Public schools. Jones got her diplomas from the Boston Normal Art school and Designer's school in Boston. She took a sabattical in 1937-1938 and attended the Académie Julian in Paris. She later traveled to Haiti and Africa, the influences of which can be seen in her work. Jones died in the District of Columbia 1998.
Lois Mailou Jones

Major Contributions to the Harlem Renaissance

Lois' major contribution to the Harlem Renaissance was her beautiful art work. Her bold paintings show the influence of African history and culture. Although Jones never lived in Harlem, like most other artist of the time. The reasons why she was part of the Harlem Renaissance because she was influenced by and responded to the same ideas and cultural changes.