Come to Miracle Max's!

Where all your miracles are made

Our hut has the best resurrection pills in all the world!

Here at Miracle Max's, the owner, Max himself, is the last known miracle man in the world. He can give life again to a lost loved one. He has learned a specialty recipe that can bring back the souls of the dead. This incredible concoction is called the resurrection pill. This golf ball sized pill will first bring back their ability to talk, then their ability to think, and finally their ability to move once again. After a few months they will regain all of their strength. And the pill can even be ordered with a chocolate coating! For the price of only 50 dollars, you could be reunited at last with your long lost, beloved person. Hurry in while they're still fresh!

Our hours are:

Anytime is a good time for my witch and I unless we are napping or having a chocolate break. Just come right in! But make sure it is for good cause.

We our Miracle Max, the granters of all miracles!

We know it has taken you great strengths to live on without your loved ones, but you no longer have to! Just come on by and we guarantee your beloved will walk by your side once again.