Enjoy a weekend with the Bulgars!!!

By: Serena Hernandez, Nicholas Niver, and Gabryel Ybarra

On this camping trip you will learn of the amazing learners of our past.

Khan Kubrat ( Reigned 605 BC-642 BC) had great success with bringing the tribes of Bulgaria that presided north of the Caucasus, and was first with putting a halt to the carelessness involved in the pillaging of barbaric raids. While continuing to build unity amongst the Bulgar tribes, he created steps to build ties between tribal groups and a military. With the medieval state being the first of its kind, Khan tied together blood and the ambitions of each group’s leaders, making a great atmosphere for development and growth. Khan’s insight, in time, brought understanding from high-class citizens, leading to peace with the Byzantine Empire and was gifted as patrician by Heraclius, the Byzantine Emperor at the time. By staying peacefully with the Byzantine Empire, the independence of Great Bulgaria was not compromised under the Khan family.

The son of Khan Kubrat

Khagan Kotrag was the son of Kubrat. After the death of his father, Kotrag spread the influence of his Bulgars up the Volga river. Many remember Kotrag as the founder of Volga Bulgaria, a historic Bulgar Satate. Reigned 660-around 700 BC.

Weekend with the Bulgars

Saturday, Jan. 23rd, 11:45pm


A weekend with the Bulgars

At 5 a.m each morning we will go and do bird watching/bird killing

At 7 a.m we will have a bountiful breakfast

At 10 a.m Pillaging Villages

At 12 p.m Lunch

At 2 p.m Swimming (in the blue staying in the brown)

At 5 p.m Spa time (Niver)

at 7 p.m Dinner

At 10 p.m reciting of King Kurts monologue

At 11 p.m Campfire facts

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Our Biggest Legacy

What most historians call the bulgars legacy was fighting alongside the huns but here we believe that their legacy should consist of what they did most which would be running in fact running was one of the weapons in their demise as well as their kings being entirely conceited and self loathing. They also had a great absence of planning and military strategy especially under the rule of Kurts son Asparukah. while they did have military victory against the arabs this was very shortly lived as they were attacked by Vlach and Slavics.