Gamma Rays

Anabella Serafini

What is a Gamma Ray?

A Gamma Ray has the shortest wavelength and highest frequency level out of all the Electromagnetic Spectrum. A Gamma Ray is produced by the Sun and other stars. It's also produced by radioactive substances. It is very hazardous and dangerous, being able to cause death.

What is the frequency of a Gamma Ray?

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What is the wavelength of a Gamma Ray?

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Examples of Gamma Rays:

Uses For Gamma Rays

  • Cancer Treatments
  • Used to Sterilize Medical Equipment in Hospitals
  • Used in Nuclear Bombs
  • Can Be Used To Get Rid of Bacteria.

2 Interesting Facts About Gamma Rays

  1. Gamma Rays are only created by VERY hot temperatures or Supernovas.
  2. People use Gamma Radiation to get rid of pesticides in food.
Gamma Ray Video

NASA video explains Gamma Rays and the damage that they can cause.