Internet Hoaxes

Josh Long

The Cold Hard Facts

While researching I found that Internet hoaxes happy a lot and are taken seriously and believed more often than you would think.  I have personally never seen any of the ones posted on the sites I visited but have heard of some minor hoaxes. Anybody can make a hoaxe but only someone skilled and experienced at it can make a really believable one.   

Some Hoaxes I've Believed In

I saw this picture online of a man standing on top of what appeared to be a skyscraper in New York City with a airplane flying toward the building several stories below. I believed it at first and did until today (10/19/13) when I found out on a website that it was a hoaxe. I was disgusted that someone would try to make a fake picture on that sad subject. That is the only time i ever remember being fooled by a hoaxe.