By: Spencer Moore

What are the responsibilities of your role to the other groups in the feudal system?

  • Many of the knights are positioned in the lords army and were payed by receiving food, armor and housing.

  • The knights also were involved in jousting tournaments for the peoples entertainment
  • The knights also worked with a lot of the horses and some of the cattle.

What restrictions/benefits do you receive from the feudal system?

  • You are not the highest on the chain so you don't get all of the luxuries.
  • You are very highly respected in town because you protect them and you also put on a show for them.
  • You are bossed around a little bit by the nobles because they have that authority.

What does your daily life look like?

  • The daily life of a Knight started at dawn when Mass would be heard and prayers would be made
  • Knights would engage in weapons practise at the quintain and the pel
  • Mid morning prayer and meal
  • Would practice there physical abilities by hunting or surveying the land for battle strategies
  • After supper there might be some entertainment - music, dancing, jugglers, acrobats, jesters, etc