The Fault in our Stars Review

By Jazmyn

The Plot

Hazel is a sixteen year old girl who had cancer in her lungs which is known as Terminal Thyroid Cancer. She goes to her Cancer support group one morning and caught a boy named Augustus staring at her. Hazel falls in love with Augustus who also has cancer called Osteosarcoma. He had his leg replaced with a fake leg. Augustus uses his wish on Hazel to fly out to Amsterdam and meet with her favourite book author. Sadly Augustus dies at the young age of seventeen.

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My Opinion

The Fault in our stars to me is a number 1 hit and is a best-selling book world-wide.

The book is filled with love, suspense and emotion taking you on Hazel’s journey with Augustus. The pages had so much inspiration for those who have the same cancer as Hazel or Augustus and just telling them to never give up on their dreams. It also had a powerful ending with the words “I do Augustus, I do”.

Reading the book makes you feel like you were there and you can just picture what it looks, where they are and what they’re doing in your head. It’s a well written book by the author, John Green

About the Author

John Green is a great author. He has written many more books including ‘The Abundance of Kathrine’s’ and ‘Let it Snow”. This the most heart-breaking work yet.


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