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Notes from Mrs. Hamp's

  • Book reports for second quarter are due on Friday, December 19th.
  • The second day of conferences will be on Monday. I look forward to seeing the rest of our families tomorrow!
  • This week of giving: please donate to our hat, mitten, glove, and sock drive all week. At Castlio our families have been caring and generous during our month of giving.

What are we learning this week?

Phonics: The vowel team -ew and -eu.

Math: We started topic 8 last week and we will continue learning how to add double digit numbers with regrouping. Please remember to practice math facts with your child at home.

Writing: We will continue to write a final draft of our Native American research. We will also work on creating super sentences with adjectives in our sentences. We will also be creating a presentation with the iPads this week. We will spend 2 days creating audio presentations with our group.

Reading: As we finish up our Native American unit we will be reading legends that have been passed down and finding the central message of those legends. We will also compare and contrast some of the stories as well.

Vocabulary: hide, instruments, and setting

Mark your Calendar:

December 8: Parent-Teacher Conferences (4:45-8:00)

December 18: Winter Party at 2:00pm

December 19: Early Release Day

December 22 - January 5: Winter Break

Happy Birthday and Leader of the Week:

Happy Birthday!!

No birthdays

Leader of the week:


Phonics List:

Rule: Vowel team -ew and -eu

drew, crew, deuce, sleuth, pew, maneuver, streusel, knew, chewed, feud, mildew, neutral, flew, stew, few, grew

The vowel team EU makes the long /u/ sound. It is used within the root. The vowel team EW makes the long /u/ sound. It is used at the end of the root and before final N like in the word strewn.