Ancient Greece

By: Sierra Achey


I picked Ancient Greece because we learned a little bit about it in class but I wanted to learn more. My topics are based on The Beginnings of Ancient Greece, Various Types of Government, Slavery in Ancient Greece. You will learn about when the story began, what government is part of many city-states, and if slavery was a large part of the population. They are all an important part of Ancient Greece history. Hopefully you enjoy my paragraph.

The Beginnings of Ancient Greece

The story began between 1900 and 1600 BC. Their language shows that they were a branch of the Indo-European-speaking people. They came from grasslands East of the Caspian sea, driving their flocks/herd before them. The first invaders were fair-haired Achaeans of whom Homer wrote.. Dorians came perhaps 3 or 4 centuries later and subjugated their Achaean kinsmen.

Various Types of Government

Government of many city-states not ably Athens, passed through 4 stages. The third type of government was known as Tyranny. By the beginning of the fifth century BC Athens had gone through these stages and emerged as the first democracy in the history of the world. Thales called the first Greek Philosopher was a citizen of Miletus. The scanty forces of the greeks succeeded in driving out the invaders.

Slavery in Ancient Greece

It must be remembered, however that a very large part of the population were slaves. Slavery in Greece was a peculiar institution. When a city was conquered, its inhabitants were often sold as slaves. Kidnapping boys and men in Barbarian or non-greeklands and even in other greek city-states was another steady sorce of supply. They were sent in gangs to the silver mires at Laurium working in narrow underground corridors by the dim light of little lamps.


I liked doing this project. My favorite topic was Slavery in Ancient Greece. I hoped you learned a few new things about Ancient Greece. I know I learned some new facts about it. I enjoyed getting the facts too. I hoped you enjoyed my presentation


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