BCCA MESSENGER December, 2021

Harmoniously blending the work of redemption and education

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BCCA Families,

The middle school students recently completed and competed in our science fair. It was so fun to see the diverse range of interests and talents among our students, and they did a great job. Leading up to this project, we learned all about the scientific method and how it applies to everything we do in real life, such as, losing your cell phone. You first make an observation, “My phone is missing,” then you do some research, “Have you seen my phone?” Next you make your hypothesis, “I think if I look in my bedroom I will find it!” Upon conclusion of your experimentation, looking in your room, you either confirm your hypothesis or adjust it and begin with a new experiment.

The scientific method is also a really awesome way of looking to see how God works in our lives. Observation, “My friend seems like she’s having a hard day.” Research, “Friend, how was your day?” Hypothesis, “If I start praying for my friend everyday, maybe God will give him or her a little extra strength to get through all the things he or she needs to do.” Experiment. Commit to praying every morning and every evening for your friend. Ask God how you can help your friend in other ways. Check back in after a week and see if there have been any changes. Prayer doesn’t mean things will change overnight, maybe not even in a week. But prayer can change lives and is the best method of all.

We hope the ending of everyone's 2021 goes well and we all get to enjoy Christmas and remember that Christ will return and will take our suffering away.

Cassie Fristoe

BCCA Principal

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December 11, 6 PM - Christmas Program (BCCA)

December 14 - Garden Club

December 18 - Last day of school

December 20 - January 3 - Christmas Break

January 4 - Return to school and the start of the third quarter

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Meet the Dozier Family

Our family for December is the Dozier family: Mom and dad, Kailey and Garrett with their four beautiful children, Hayes (7), Gaines (5), John Owen (2), and Juliet (10 months).

This is their first year being a part of BCCA and they chose our school after searching for a private option during COVID changes within the public school system. Kailey grew up in Owens Crossroads and had driven past the school all her life. One day she decided to check it out, and the rest is history.

Kailey and Garrett are both native Alabamians and they are also both sonographers. They own "The 4D Ultrasound Lady,” an elective ultrasound boutique. They met 10 years ago after meeting on a blind date and have been inseparable ever since.

They like the real world principles being applied at the school, such as, Hayes getting paid for turning in his homework and then getting to shop at the school store in Mrs. Boyd’s classroom. Garrett and Kailey are very proud of all the verses their kids are learning, and the songs about the Lord they come home singing.

Hayes and Gaines, who is in Miss B’s class, are very into karate and learning to draw. Hayes is about to start basketball and Gaines says he wants to try baseball next season. They also love climbing with their dad at HighPoint Climbing gym.

The Doziers are currently members of Cove Baptist. Their favorite places to eat are Taco Mama and 5 Guys. They love to go to Green Mountain Nature Trail, spending time at parks, and they love the beach more than anything!

BCCA is so lucky to have the Doziers as part of the school. Chatting with them will leave you feeling like you have just made fast friends!

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!

Thanksgiving Lunch

Thank you to all the participating families, and to everyone who helped make our Thanksgiving Lunch a success. The food was delicious! Special thanks to our Home & School Leader, Maggie Navarro for organizing this event.
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Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to our Science Fair winners!

1st place - Nyah McKenzie (8th) "Breath Taking Heights"

2nd place - Brodie Steakley (7th) "The Money Ball"

3rd place - Gracie Steakley (7th) "Fido's Favorite Food"

They will be going to Bass Memorial Academy to present their projects with other students from various schools during the Education Fair. Thank you to all the judges and families who participated in this event.


BCCA Chirstmas Program (Dec 11), 6:00 pm

Join us for a night of worshipful praise on December 11 (Saturday), 6pm at Big Cove Christian Academy's gym. BCCA students will be presenting the story of Christ's birth titled "THE STAR". Looking forward to an amazing program of singing, story telling, and stick ministry. Please don't miss this opportunity to support our school and be blessed by this portrayal of the story of Christ's birth.

Please bring a finger food for the reception in the cafeteria following the program.

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Calendars Are On Sale!

I'm excited to announce that once again Big Cove Christian Academy is offering a beautiful calendar in which the students have participated. Each page has scenes that have been beautifully shot and arranged from different parts of the world. Just in time for the holidays, you will definitely want more than one copy for gifts or for sharing! Calendars will be sold for $12.

If you are interested in purchasing one (or more), please contact Lisa Schmitt at contactlisa99@gmail.com. We can work out arrangements and payments.

Christmas Decorations Needed

Big Cove Christian Academy is in need of Christmas decorations for their Christmas program on Dec 11 (Saturday), at 6pm at the BCCA gymnasium. If you have any Christmas decorations you would like to donate please contact the Principal, Cas Fristoe at c.fristoe@bigcovesda.net.

Christmas Break (Dec 20 - Jan 3)

Ready for Christmas Break! Please reach out to those who may not have family nearby or who are going through the holiday blues due to a loss of loved ones. Enjoy your time with family and friends, and appreciate the many blessings God has given.
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Colonial Days Experience

Colonial Days and Family Thanksgiving Lunch at BCCA

During the month of November BCCA students studied colonial times in America! On November 19th students had the opportunity to immerse themselves into the lives of the colonists a school wide Colonial Day! Students dressed up in Colonial period clothing and participated in a day full of colonial activities which included colonial children’s games. Students also participated in colonial homemaking activities that involved candle making, punch tin lanterns, beading, fan making, butter and biscuit making. They then got hands on experience with 1800’s tools thanks to Mr. Boyd. The afternoon ended with a beautifully decorated lunch room thanks to our Home and School leaders and an amazing potluck style Thanksgiving meal was provided by our school families. The day was a great success thanks to our many volunteers making it a truly memorable experience for our students! Wendy Boyd

More Fun Stuff

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What time is Christmas?

Five days after Thanksgiving pumpkins and the colorful decorations of fall my energetic wife has filled our home with the red and green of Christmas. Pam loves Christmas time and the new decorative colors transforming our home’s interior say it all. It’s Christmas time in the Mills’ family!

What time is Christmas?

Christmas is a wonderful time to release your fears. “Don’t be afraid!” the angel says to the shepherds guarding their flock by night, “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people.”

What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of what’s happening with the economy? Or, what’s happening with the next COVID varient? Or, what the doctor is telling you about your health? Are you afraid you can’t pay your bills? Are you afraid of the direction your kids are headed? Are you afraid of the end of time?

The angel says: "Don't be afraid!”

God sent His Son to earth so that you can have joy and hope and a future. It’s time for you to release your fears, receive God’s Son and enjoy life at Christmas time.

Love Always,

Pastor Randy Mills

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Thank you families for supporting BCCA. YOU make all the difference, and we appreciate your choice for providing a christian education for your child.