digital citizenship

password protect

  1. Don't share your password
  2. Don't put personal information in your password
  3. Your password shouldn't have your password in it
  4. Don't put your phone number as your password
  5. Don't put other peoples information as your password

share jumper

  1. ask friends before posting

  2. don't click on random pop ups

  3. post stuff appropriately

  4. don't friend people you don’t know

  5. tell someone your password


1.don't post things on someone's phone some one when being cyber bullied careful what post

4.don't post your name

5.respect other peoples stuff online

share shark

1.use ~ when you search

2.use key words when you search

3.don't use small words when searching

4.if you have to much words you might not get the right search

5.don't use to little words when you search

mix 'n' mash

  1. give credit to peoples pictures and music etc..

  2. don't plagiarize

  3. don't post stuff that has plagiarism

  4. don't take credit for something that’s not yours

  5. report stuff with plagiarism


  1. Don't text while driving

  2. Doing two things at once is distracting

  3. Turn your phone off when walking

  4. Don't cross the street while doing two things at once

  5. Your phone can distract you from your task