Chatta Club (FREE)

Creative Learning for Children aged 3 to 11

Join Chatta Club: Free daily creative learning activities for children

Join "Chatta Club" for free daily activities to support learning at home

Chatta is a simple teaching method. It is used in classrooms across the world and by families at home with their children.

Chatta Club provides activities for children every day which support progress in language, literacy, memory and wider learning.

All of the activities require an iPad/Android tablet or smartphone.

Children look forward to completing the activities, which strengthen creativity.

All activities will use the award-winning Chatta software and follow our simple teaching method which has been voted as one of the top 100 education innovations in the world.

Chatta is fun, simple and powerful. Any age, any subject, any level.

“We see a strong impact for pupils working with Chatta both in the classroom and at home.” Andrew Smith, Headteacher, Essex

"Chatta is brilliant!" Daniel, aged 9

Families will receive:

  • Creative activities for children to complete every day.
  • Chatta software password access.
  • Help and support to get started.

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Chatta is providing free software and daily activities to families affected by school closures due Covid19. There are no costs for participating families but the resource is not expected to be available following the current emergency when children return to their school.

“The perfect way to make learning fun and relevant at home. So simple but so powerful,” Ian Wright, Headteacher, Yorkshire

Includes weekly FOOTBALL SPECIAL every Saturday from 11th April

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